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FR & MR Reactor Systems
Advanced System for measurement of catalytic activity
The standard unit can be adapted for different catalytic tests through different configurations and options.
Real time results with very high level of accuracy and reproducibility
Programming of series of experiment with data acquisition and graphics capabilities

Flow Reactor (FR) Series for Catalyst Screening

Succeeding the Micromeritics Microactivity Effi, this series of Micromeritics Flow Reactors (FR)
features highly advanced modular laboratory screening units for measuring the activity and
selectivity of catalysts. The Micromeritics FR-50, FR-100 and FR-200 have been developed to
help save time and resources during catalyst development and screening.

Each model accommodates a wide variety of reactions including but not limited to hydrocracking,
hydrotreating, isomerization, hydrogenation, hydrodesulphurization (HDS), oxidation,
hydrodenitrogenation (HDN), reforming (aromatization), GTL (Fischer-Tropsch), and steam
reforming. These benchtop reactors are also ideal for research studies on topics such as
biofuels, methane activation or sustainable reactions.
Multi Reactor (MR)
Fully automated and computer-controlled catalyst evaluation units

The Micromeritics Multi Reactor series features highly productive evaluation units for the laboratory
that enable scientists to comprehensively measure the activity and selectivity of catalysts for
screening and kinetic studies.

The MR series configurations include 4 or 8 independent, parallel catalyst lab reactors that are fully
automated, and computer controlled. MR models with additional reactors are available on request.

The seriesí versatility allows determining optimal experimental conditions and detecting operational
challenges. Furthermore, it allows the comparison of catalysts under the same reaction conditions.

Due to the seriesí precise temperature-control and feeding system, reaction and regeneration can
be carried in-situ and at consecutives stages.