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FT4 Powder Rheometer®

Universal powder flow tester – sensitive, reliable and process relevant analysis
Simulate powder processing conditions to ensure process relevant data
Multi-faceted powder characterization – assess dynamic flow, bulk and shear properties
Unparalleled sensitivity
Fully automated test programs and data analysis

Four testing methodologies in one instrument:

Unique Dynamic Flow
Fully Automated Shear Cell (in accordance with ASTM Standard D7891)
Bulk Properties
Process Variables
Shear Cell and Wall Friction Kits can be attached to the FT4 to determine shear properties of a
powder, including Unconfined Yield Strength and Flow Function, and the Wall Friction Angle
associated with a given material of constructions (in accordance with ASTM D7891). Shear and
wall friction properties can be used to determine critical hopper geometries using the Hopper
Design function of the FT4 Data Analysis software.
The Aeration Control Unit provides an accurately controlled flow of air to the base of the
vessel containing the powder. The unit is fully automated and software controlled,
capable of delivering a wide air velocity range, ensuring suitability for a diverse range of
25mm, 50mm and 62mm vessel kits to suit the materials being evaluated, plus a 1ml Shear Cell kit for testing scarce, valuable or hazardous powders.
The FT4 measures the resistance that a powder exerts on twisted blade, as it forces
its way through the sample. This resistance is expressed as “Flow Energy”, calculated
from direct measurements of torque and force.
The vented piston is used to be apply a consolidating stress to a powder sample to quantify properties such as Compressibility and Permeability in order to understand the effects of storage and handling.
The Compact Hardness and Compact Payoff accessories can be used to evaluate the quality
of cosmetic powder compacts. Both accessories can be used with three sizes of compact
and utilize a novel vacuum base removing the need for complex and intrusive mechanical